Stevia-Sweetened Mocha Chip Frappe



What’s chilly and chocolaty and tasty all over? 


Our delicious mocha chip frappe! Made from creamy, delicious unsweetened coconut milk, our sugar-free 5 Sparrows Dark Cocoa Drink Mix, and our velvety 5 Sparrows Sugar-Free Frappe & Smoothie Base with just a kick of instant espresso powder, this drink bats a thousand across the board.


Chilly, creamy, perfectly sweet, and guaranteed not to send your blood sugar sky-high, this mocha chip frappe is one of our favorite blended drinks to make at home. 


Perfect as a hot coffee alternative on a hot day or as a delicious treat after a long workday lunch or on a lazy weekend, this mocha chip frappe is a great treat for coffee lovers everywhere. Want to make it something special for your kids? 


Leave the espresso powder out and add a scoop or two of protein instead!


What are you waiting for? Satisfy a chocolate craving without sending your blood sugar to the stratosphere with this delicious mocha chip frappe. 






  1. Blend all ingredients and enjoy immediately! 

  2. If desired, stir in 2 tablespoons Lily’s sugar free dark chocolate chips, chopped.
  3. For bonus points, top with 5 Sparrows sugar-free whipped cream.