Zero Sugar Hazelnut Mocha


You’re tired of drinking the same old coffee every morning. You want something slightly sweet and delicious, without feeling like you consumed a sugar bomb later. 


Unfortunately, it’s always been tough to find something that matches the description - until now! 


Traditional coffee flavorings are packed with sugar, and many leave that weird plastic aftertaste in your mouth - and we all know there’s nothing worse than being disappointed by something that was supposed to be a treat. That’s why we’re SO excited to introduce you to our simple, delicious hazelnut mocha. 


Made with creamy, smooth hazelnut-flavored coffee and our velvety, Stevia-sweetened dark cocoa mix, this delicious mocha is sure to have you doing a happy dance, without putting you into a sugar coma later in the day. Since it’s sweetened with Stevia, it’s Keto- and Paleo-friendly!


Plus, you can make it right in the comfort of your own kitchen! With only two simple ingredients, this delicious coffee drink is the perfect addition to a busy morning routine, a work-from-home afternoon, or a lazy weekend brunch with friends. 


Here’s how to make this delicious drink:




  1. Combine hot brewed coffee and 2 Tbsp Sugar Free Dark Cocoa Mix. 
  2. Use a spoon to mix thoroughly, add to your favorite mug, and enjoy immediately!
  3. Make it a little extra special by topping with our sugar-free whipped cream and adding some chocolate shavings.