What is Monumental Spiced Chai?

Hello, I’m Mel from 5 Sparrows Brand.

Today, I’m going to show you our Chai.  We have a Monumental Spice Chai and a sugar free chai, sweetened with Stevia; it’s also a spiced chai. They are both made with organic black tea.  Get your cup.  It takes 3 tablespoons for an 8 ounce cup.  

Steam 8 ounces of milk. At home, when my kids want chai, I just put it in the microwave for just under a minute. Or you can steam it up on the stove, too.  As you can see, we’re just going to stir this together. It blends in really easily. 

This is our chai, Monumental Spice Chai, from 5 Sparrows.

*This product is a good alternative for diabetics. See http://www.5sparrowsbrand.com/diabetic-friendly/ for more information.