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New Year, New Coffee.

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Happy New Year to all of our fans!  We are proud to announce the launch of our newly reformulated product line.  Still stevia-sweetened, we have simply replaced the sugar alcohol,xylitol, with another-erythritol.  The result is the same great taste with fewer calories, carbs and a lower glycemic impact.  As always, our products remain 100% sugar free.  Erythritol is a naturally-occurring sugar alcohol.  Ours is corn-derrived and non-GMO.  You may recognize it as the main ingredient in the popular, SWERVE sugar replacement.  We hope you enjoy the product.  If you haven't already done so, please sign up for our newsletter for exclusive discounts and bonus recipes.    

House Chocolate

Hi I’m Mel from 5 Sparrows brand. Today I’m going to show you our gourmet chocolates.  Our house chocolate. It’s gluten free, dairy free, and an all­ natural product. A lot of people say that it tastes just like their grandma used to make.  This one is our sugar free house chocolate. It’s sweetened naturally with [...]

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Purchase Information

Hi, I’m Mel from 5SparrowsBrand.com. 5 Sparrows is a boutique manufacturing company located in Northwest Montana.  We specialize in developing and making gourmet product mixes for the specialty beverage industry. Right now, we have a line of chocolate, white chocolate, chai, and frappe mixes. We also have a sugar free counterpart, of the same line, that’s naturally sweetened [...]

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Snow Ghost Frappe

Hi, I’m Mel from 5 Sparrows and today we’re going to make a white chocolate frappe.  You have to put your powder in first and, in this case, you want 3 tablespoons of powder for an 8 ounce serving.  You will want to put your liquid [coffee shots, or milk] next. And add 8 ounces [...]

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What is Monumental Spiced Chai?

Hello, I’m Mel from 5 Sparrows Brand. Today, I’m going to show you our Chai.  We have a Monumental Spice Chai and a sugar free chai, sweetened with Stevia; it’s also a spiced chai. They are both made with organic black tea.  Get your cup.  It takes 3 tablespoons for an 8 ounce cup.   Steam 8 ounces [...]

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House White Chocolate

Hello, I’m Mel from 5 Sparrows brand and today we’re going to make a White Mocha.  The really cool thing about our sugar free house white chocolate is that it’s naturally sweetened with Stevia, it’s gluten free, as is the regular house white chocolate.  This (1) 8 ounce serving of this product is only 35 calories. [...]

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