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Snow Ghost Frappe

Hi, I’m Mel from 5 Sparrows and today we’re going to make a white chocolate frappe.  You have to put your powder in first and, in this case, you want 3 tablespoons of powder for an 8 ounce serving.  You will want to put your liquid [coffee shots, or milk] next. And add 8 ounces of ice.  Then you can put milk in on top. And you want it just until the ice is floating. If you put too much in there you’ll end up with a watery mess and it won’t be very yummy.  So you can get this online at You can also ask for it at your favorite cafe because we do sell wholesale.

And there is your beautiful sugar free frappe from 5 Sparrows.

*This product is a good alternative for diabetics. See for more information.