Sugar-Free Spiked Chai


Chai: it’s comforting, warm, and just a touch spicy. Unfortunately, traditional varieties are packed with sugar. In fact, a typical 12 oz chai tea latte contains about 240 calories and 45 grams of sugar - or roughly the same amount as a large Coke! Don’t worry, though –  you don’t have to give up chai forever. 


This deliciously boozy variety is made with our sugar-free spiced chai mix, so it’s every bit as tasty as the original, but without all the sugar. Skipping the hard stuff? Follow the same recipe but leave out the whiskey for a booze-free chai you can enjoy all day long. 


We love whipping up this drink after a long day on the slopes, or as an after-dinner treat for company. Top it with some ground cinnamon and a whole star anise to make it extra fancy, or use a handheld milk frother to foam a dollop of milk to top the drink. We love serving it in a big, comforting mug that you can wrap your hands around. 


The result? Pure, unadulterated, deliciousness. 


Here’s how to make it! 


12 oz of milk or nut milk (we love oat milk for this recipe). 

4.5 Tbsp 5 Sparrows Sugar-Free Spiced Chai

1 shot (1.5 oz) Fireball whiskey 

Optional toppings: steamed milk, ground cinnamon 


  • Warm 12  oz of milk or nut milk. 

  • Add 5 Sparrows Sugar-Free Spiced Chai, stirring constantly. 

  • Add 1 shot (1.5 oz.) of Fireball whiskey. 

  • Stir well, top with steamed milk or ground cinnamon.

  • Serve immediately. 


What Customers are Saying About our Sugar-Free Chai


"Chai addict. Easy to use website. So grateful to finally find a Spiced Chai made with Stevia !!!"


"Love the Chai. Eating Keto and being someone that loves Tiger Chai by David Rio. This 5 Sparrows Spiced Chai is amazing."


"BEST CHAI EVER! Seriously the best chai I've ever found! Love that it is sweetened with stevia and tastes so good!"