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Sugar Free Coffee House White Chocolate

This stevia-and-xylitol-sweetened hot cocoa mix is absolutely delicious, and it has only 35 calories per serving. Wow! Curl up with a cup of this sugar-free stuff on a cold night, or chill it and enjoy over ice


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5 Sparrows Sugar-Free Monumental Spiced Chai

This spiced chai mix is sweet, spicy and creamy with a light tea flavor. Make it with coconut milk, and it’ll make your eyes roll back in happiness.


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5 Sparrows Chocolate, Frappe and Chai Drink Mixes

I’m a huge coffee drinker. I love it. I also love to indulge in “frou-frou coffee,” chai teas and, in the winter, a good hot chocolate really hits the spot.


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Sylvia Says: 5 Sparrows has mastered sugar-free hot chocolate

After I drank the sugar-free House Hot Chocolate, I thought I had misread the label. It was rich and chocolatey with a sweetness as if it had sugar. More importantly, there was no weird aftertaste. Nor was there with the white chocolate and spiced chai. I’ve tried hundreds of drinks with sugar substitutes and, up until now, I thought it was better to use sugar than ruin something with a substitute.


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5 Sparrows Sugar Free Hot Chocolate and Chai Review

Now you can enjoy Hot Chocolate, Frapper, and Chai naturally sweetened with stevia. 5 Sparrows offers handcrafted beverages made with superior ingredients and sweetened with Stevia. Watch your waistline and sugar intake this Thanksgiving and Christmas season with 5 Sparrows – while not sacrificing the taste of your favorite cafe drinks.


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Pour Us a Cup This Fall: Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate and Spiced Chai

Although it has no grams of sugar in it (it’s sweetened with stevia and xylitol), it tasted like a fantastic chocolate dessert. I typically notice an aftertaste with non-sugar sweeteners of any kind (even the natural ones), but this one had little to no aftertaste at all. With 70 calories a serving (not including the milk), it’s a fabulously rich hot chocolate to sip on. Oh, and it’s ah-mazing in coffee.


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Crazy for creamy chocolate, chai and blended coffee drinks but watching your waistline and sugar intake this summer?

These deliciously rich, creamy, carefully handcrafted mixes come in Sugar Free White Chocolate, Sugar Free Chocolate, Sugar Free Monumental Spiced Chai and Sugar Free Vanilla Frappe. They contain absolutely zero sugar, but NO artificial sweeteners. Stevia has been used in Europe for over a century and it’s a healthy, natural, low calorie alternative to sugar and synthetic sweeteners.


5 Sparrows Snow Ghost

Frappe Lover? Weight loss junkie? No Problem!

My favorite was the Sugar-Free Snow Ghost Frappe! One serving with the coffee and milk was under 150 calories. My normal Caramel Iced Coffee was up in the 800 calories per one I drank. BIG difference in calories there, so not only do I still get my sweet yummy frozen coffee fix, I get it at a lot less calories.


5 Sparrows Monumental Spiced Chai

Monumental Spiced Chai

Chai is a favorite indulgence of mine, and I don't often drink it because the low-sugar varieties don't taste good and I don't think the Starbucks Tazo is worth the calories. The 5 Sparrows chai, made with soy, was spicy and sweet but not overly so. And rich. Definitely rich.


White Hot Chocolate

Save Over 300 Calories with Simple Winter Drink Swaps

This is one drink that I do like to use a mix for. The brand 5 Sparrows has a great sugar-free Coffee House White Hot Chocolate that is sweetened with stevia and has a great white chocolate flavor. You simply combine the mix with hot milk, and then you have a tasty drink. If you prefer that it be a coffee drink, you can also add some espresso. Compared to a traditional white hot chocolate, you will save 100 calories!


Inspiring Montana Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Montana Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur and mother of three, Melanie Nelson, utilized her knowledge as a long-term barista to launch 5 Sparrows, a line of gourmet cocoa, chai and frappe powders sold wholesale and retail. 


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The Buzz: White Chocolate Lovers

White-chocolate lovers, listen up! You must check out 5 Sparrows Sugar Free Coffee House White Chocolate drink mix. With just 35 calories per sugar-free serving, this decadent sweetened-with-stevia powdered mix is AMAZING and TOTALLY worth ordering online.


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Check out this sweet company from my hometown in the Flathead Valley! 5 sparrows brand coffee and cafe products are being served in many montana coffee shops and is made in montana.


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Flathead woman mixes hot, sugar-free drinks: Stevia sweetens chocolate, chai, frappe

KALISPELL - When Melanie Nelson discusses "stirring up a revolution," she means it in the sweetest possible terms. What's really setting her apart from the mainstream is her use of a sugar-free sweetener called stevia, which was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December 2008